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Where is that excitement?

The season of Lent is approaching, which for the community of believers, is a time of reflection on all that we've been doing, could be doing and are called to do. It's a time of preparation before the most holy time of Easter, the celebration of the Resurrection. As we all approach this season from different perspectives, I am reminded of the story of the leper whom Jesus healed at the end of the first chapter of Mark's Gospel. Filled with excitement, he told his story to all who would hear it. He risked nothing because he had just gained everything. He was an outcast of society and everyone knew it. In a matter of minutes he was made clean, whole again, able to rejoin the community, his friends, his family. He got his life back. Nothing could keep him from telling his story, not even the request of Jesus himself to keep a lid on it.

How excited he must have been! Where is that excitement in life today? Is it in the birth of a baby? Is it in the celebration of another year sober? Is it in the beauty of the sunset? Every day Jesus touches our lives in ways we may never understand. In the life of the leper, he knew when Jesus touched his life. He saw it. He felt it happen. He watched the results. He celebrated abundantly. But, the key was, he asked for help. While we wander through life hoping good things will happen, asking for help is sometimes the hardest thing to do. The risk is in the asking. But if you never ask, you will never know. Every day is a challenge to find that one thing we can't hold back, that we just have to share with everyone we know. What's your one thing today?

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