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Stepping into the Light

Updated: Feb 6, 2022

Just about a year ago, I had the thought of starting something new - at least for me. Why not? We were in lock down mode because of a global wide pandemic, I was starting a new job so I still had some free time available and I had a burning desire to tell people about the most significant person in my life, Jesus. The only problem was, and still is, I am a terrible introvert with a side of social anxiety that I try to hide every chance I get. So what does an introvert do when starting up an evangelistic blog? They write a few articles on topics spurred on by the Holy Spirit and then never share them, of course. Yep, I hid them in the darkness. Quite ironic considering the name of this site. So what has happened in the past year to make me turn on the light? Perhaps a spiritual kick in the decide.

The year started with a new job. The best job ever. All the things I ever wanted to do were laid out in front of me. I jumped in with both feet, learned new technologies, spent countless hours in front of my computer finally enjoying my profession. It was awesome! My free time was quickly consumed with the inability to know when work was supposed to stop and family time was supposed to begin. However, everyone was home so we were under the same roof 24x7 for, what seemed like, forever. We had a lot of together time.

As work was taking off, so was our church's evangelistic activities. We hosted an online Alpha, for which God thought was funny to make me the emcee. Remember me, the introvert? Yep, God has a way of stretching us beyond what we think we are capable of doing in order to accomplish His goals and His plans are always perfect whether we like them or not. As that ended, we planned a full day Prayer retreat unpacking the Lord's Prayer, which was awesome! During that retreat, I did something pretty radical and prayed for fortitude - to be more bold. So, now you know what caused the light to turn on. God doesn't always give us a timeframe for when He answers our prayers, nor does He clue us in on the whole picture on what His plans look like. But when you pray, He will answer. Just be careful what you pray for and be ready for the outcome. Some days I really wonder what God has planned for me. Other days, I'm afraid to find out. Most days, I just ask Him to walk with me and show me the path He wants me to take and then ask for the fortitude to follow it. Let's just say I continue to be a work in progress.

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