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Coincidence or not?

We have all experienced a time when something odd happened that was rather convenient yet unexpected and unplanned...a friend stopped by when you needed to talk, just the right job posting appeared when you were looking for work, access to funds when you were financially spent. We tend to call these things coincidences. The definition of the word coincidence flows like this according to Webster, "the occurrence of events that happen at the same time by accident but seem to have some connection." ( The one thing the definition doesn't state is why or how the coincidence happens. Sometimes we don't really want to know the why or how, we just relish in the joy of the results. However, if we stop to look deeper into coincidences, we may just find out who is actually orchestrating them.

I had been struggling with a task at work for over a week. I couldn't really see a path to a solution, but knew it was like a needle in a haystack - only I didn't quite know which haystack it could be in. After putting the issue out to multiple communities and imploring technical assistance from the vendor, I was getting nowhere fast. I was getting desperate. So, I took my request to God and asked for guidance. I asked for someone to show me the path to resolution or to a document that will help me find the right path to take. Within that day, I had received a technical suggestion that set me on a path that resolved my issue the following day. Coincidence? Some would say, yes. But how did the coincidence happen? Why did it happen and who orchestrated it? Being a person of faith, I know that I can ask anything of God and it will be granted according to His will. Not only was my requested granted, it was granted exactly as I had requested it. I didn't receive the resolution outright. I received the path to the resolution which is what I requested.

Perhaps there's more behind coincidences than what lies on the surface. I challenge you to look a little deeper the next time you experience a coincidence and ask yourself, why did this happen, how did this happen and who orchestrated this? You might be surprised at what you find out, if you're willing to look.

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