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Be the Good

Updated: Feb 13, 2021

Date: 12/27/2020

I received a plaque as a gift this Christmas which contains two messages in one. The main message reads "Believe There is Good in the World" but also highlights the words "Be the Good". These two phrases seem to revolve around each other, but can they exist one from the other, perhaps as individual thoughts or concepts? I don't think so. I think to follow the calling of the latter command, you must believe in former statement and likewise the reverse. We have suffered a great deal this year. We've lost loved ones and the ability to say good bye to them. We've lost jobs. We've lost the ability to be with people and tried to suppress that natural desire for companionship, quite unnaturally. We've witnessed incredible acts of hate and violence. For some, everything was lost and nothing in this life seemed to be good enough to live anymore and so returned to their creator.

Yes, it was a hard year, very different from all those that we've experienced before. But when someone says to me "Believe There is Good in the world" my first response might be to say, "Where? Where is there good in all of this suffering, in all of this grief?" Good comes is so many different forms. It could be found in the smile of child or in the laugh of a spouse or the helping hand of someone at the grocery store. Good is out there, everywhere, everyday. The problem is we seldom look for it as it's often covered up by all the pain and sorrow the world wants us to follow. The truth is, good exists much more abundantly than one would imagine. Good exists in each person that walks the street and everyone we meet. Look for it. Believe it exists. If you still can't find it, then be the good for someone else to see because they may be looking for it too.

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